Outdoor Wall Clocks

Wondering what the time is while you're in the pool, or enjoying some sunshine gardening, or having a barbecue in the yard? Sounds like you need an Outdoor Wall Clock. Many of the clocks in this collection are waterproof and weatherproof, allowing you to place them outside in rain, hail or shine. We have some beautiful dual sided clocks here which would transform a brick wall and add a lot of charm to an outside space. Schools looking to keep students and teachers on time outdoors will find something here to suit and we have country inspired designs from our Country Life range too. If your garden or patio requires functionality on top of character, then some also offer a thermometer and hygrometer so you can keep an eye on the temperature and humidity. Whichever one you choose will be sure to enhance the atmosphere in your backyard and help you tell the time in style.

If your clock will be undercover and doesn't need to survive the elements, you may want to browse our whole Wall Clock or Large Wall Clock collections which would do equally well if placed under a veranda.

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