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How To Choose A Wall Clock

Have you ever wondered why it feels like something's missing when you're in a living space and you don't see a clock alongside any other adornment on the walls? Wall Clocks are a necessity in every home. It is oftentimes considered a decorative accent may it be in your living room, kitchen, bedroom or home office. A clock has a significant presence in your home which makes it a great way to exhibit your taste and sense of style by how you choose the right design to match your readily beautiful space.

Initially, it all depends on how you want to present your taste without foregoing great functionality. There are so many factors to consider, but the most important ones are location, the size of the space and the overall theme. Of course, you wouldn't want anything to look out of place in even the most minute part of your aesthetic. Luckily, there are a vast array of clocks to choose from and there will always be one that would fit all the criteria in your checklist.

Clocks can be categorized in many different ways, but we choose to classify them according to their function and characteristics. There are some that would fit more than one category, but as mentioned above, choosing the right one must depend on the most important factors.

Large Wall Clocks

If you have a large modern interior or a huge living room full of things possessing an old world feel, you would want to check out our Large Wall Clocks (40cm in diameter or greater) which are big enough to be seen amongst the other gorgeous elements in the area. An oversized clock never fails to make an impressive statement especially if it matches the entirety of the theme. On the other hand, you wouldn't want a giant clock to accentuate a minimalist style home because it would do away with the whole sense of conserving space.

Outdoor Wall Clocks

There are homes that have luscious gardens, patios or yards that require a touch of art. An ideal addition to accentuate these huge spaces are Outdoor Wall Clocks. It's like hitting two birds with one stone - adding a functional element which doubles as a decor. Outdoor clocks are usually big in size; however, unlike indoor clocks, these can be weatherproof and waterproof to stand the test time and the changing weather conditions. Since it will be hung outside, it needs to be sturdy yet dainty to the eye to stay true to its function to tell the time while lending an artistic tone to its surroundings.

An absolute eye candy with the ability to fit into a wide range of outdoor settings and stand strong against any changes is the NexTime Tulip Weatherproof Wall Clock with Thermometer and Hygrometer. Not only does it do a great job on being a rock star in durability and longevity, it also makes sure that the impact it creates on its surroundings is hard to miss.

Digital Wall Clocks

In this day and age, we have relied so much on technology that most of the things we have at home or even outside are digital. Nothing screams modern and functional more than Digital Wall Clocks when it comes to decor. Getting a digital clock is a like a rite of passage if you opt to go for a contemporary home theme. The convenience and functionality it offers as well as its ease of use, topping it all off with the trendy look it gives, is mostly why we choose this kind of clock. Unlike analog clocks, digital usually offers other elements such as calendar, temperature and sometimes, even the weather condition. Digital clocks fall under the modern category, but there are clocks that has a hybrid function in which analog and digital are combined. This innovation makes some fit into other settings, but mostly contemporary ones.

Modern Wall Clocks

Most homes nowadays stick to the best bet - a contemporary theme. Since it is an age when people have learned to maximise small spaces and make them comfortable to live in, going for a modern look is a much easier and safer option. This idea gave birth to the minimalist style. Not only because the elements you need to build this kind of interior are just within your grasp, but there is a much larger array of choices available when it comes to decor. Modern Wall Clocks add charm to the entirely sophisticated feel of a modish space. Plus, it is so much easier to choose one that would match your minimalist approach. Most modern clocks are neutral, being able to match not only a modern theme, but also a variety of others such as rustic and retro.

Vintage Wall Clocks

Classic, retro, industrial or rustic - whichever way you want to call it, there are clocks that instantly makes you want to stroll down memory lane with just one glance. Vintage Wall Clocks lend an old world feel to your home. These usually have the antique look perfect for Victorian-inspired or French provincial interiors, and sometimes the trendy retro look of the yesteryear for more edgy ones. These clocks can go from wooden, metal or glass depending on the theme they fit into. For the more luxurious, Edwardian era type of vintage clocks, wood and glass consist the ensemble whereas metal and soft faded pastels are the main attraction for funky retro 50's diner style. Either way, vintage clocks are indeed classic and are sure to withstand the test of time.

Choosing a Clock Should Be Easy

Sometimes, one look is all it takes for you to be convinced you have found the perfect one. It’s like having something catch your eye in the mall, and you cannot go home without buying that particular item. But then, all factors considered, your clock must be the best one there is to match your interior (or your porch or yard for outdoor clocks). May it be vintage, modern, large, digital or outdoor, there will always be one out there that would impeccably suit your taste together with your space and theme.