We can personalise your clock however you like. Here are some ideas.


- Include pictures
- Company logos
- Great for corporate gifts
A lot of companies contact us to fit out their offices with their logo on the clocks


Some ideas:
- Add names to your clockPut on a significant date
- Create a personalised message
A lot of our customers use personalised clocks for wedding presents, birthday presents, anniversarys, and other gift occasions.


What is the character limit on the text?

- No limit, our designer will use the font size that fits best based on the size of the clock and amount of text.

You can suggest what font and font style to use and we'll use it or find something similar incase it's not available on ours. We have standard fonts we normally use, the normal go to is PLATINO standard.

Is any image file type ok?

- Usually just a jpeg and png is best for images, for customers who want to include a corporate or business logo, it's best to have a logo file with no background.

With images, again our designer will be able to come up with what will work best however it is good to have an understanding where you want to put the image.

a. above centre;
b. below centre;
c. fill whole face/dial

Note: We always send a proof or a draft to you to approve first before we print the face.

Handling time takes 10 business days